Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am Jo, mum to three girls 2, 6 and 13 Merlin the Sheepadoodle and Misty the cat.

I am fast approaching the end of thirties and have finally decided to accept myself (many flaws and all) so am learning to embrace my complete failing at anything involving organisation or domestic goddessness ( I still can’t cook a sausage without cremating it and I can spend all day cleaning and still have failed to locate anything closely resembling a floor).  I have spent most my life trying to fit in and be someone who I am really not and it’s made me ill and miserable.

Having spent most of adulthood (probably my childhood too) focusing on all the things I am not or don’t have has really affected me and stopped me being happy. It’s made me feel not good enough and a failure so I have decided to stop giving myself a hard time about the things I will never achieve in life and focus instead on the aspects of my life I do love – my beautiful children, my wonderful other half, my slightly psychotic but extremely loveable dog, my aloof but fabulous cat, living in the country, nature, family, friends, upcyling, crafting, dabbling with gardening (well sticking seeds in pots and hoping they grow) and of course anything pink!! Hopefully by doing this I can enter my forties finally happy, contented and living life to the fullest appreciating everything I do have and not beating myself up over those things I don’t.

We only have one life, and it’s only us who has to live it and I don’t know about you but I want to finally embrace life on my terms and hopefully finally be truly happy in my own skin.

So time to enjoy the mud, the mayhem and all the precious family moments that trying to be something you are not makes you blinkered to!