Gratitude …. so simple yet so hard. 

The more I start to look at changing my mindset and realising that the only way to true happiness is adopting a new outlook on life, the more I realise one of my biggest obstacles is my ability to be grateful and appreciative of what I already have.

It’s relatively easy to say you are grateful for things you have because you feel you should be. Actually feeling grateful however is an entirely different matter … and it’s that genuine feeling of gratitude deep within which I feel is missing to feeling truly contented. It’s why I feel my priority in my little journey needs to be really focusing on learning to appreciate and be happy with where I am now. 

There was a little lightbulb moment a few days ago when my two year old got so excited over a glass of milk that I decided to try spending time each night getting my childrens take on the day and trying to see the world through their eyes. Young children really do see magic in everything and haven’t yet been fully programmed with expectations, targets, competition and material urges so still have the ability to fully appreciate everything. Taking that time out to see the world through their eyes really helps and I would encourage all parents to do it. You will be amazed at just how simple the things are they find happiness from and sticks in their minds about the day. If you don’t have children try asking yourself how you would have seen the day as a child. It has very definately given me a start point to start changing my mindset from. 

The second little lightbulb moment (and inspiration behind writing this blog post) came earlier tonight when looking through some photos I had taken while out on our evening walk with the dog. If you were to ask me how I felt about my house I would tell you I hate it, I feel embarrassed by what a state it is and get so frustrated that I just don’t have the instant resources to decorate it as I would like or the fact that living with 3 children and a dog means its often messy and cluttered, when people visit I apologise for the state of it, I am nothing but negative about it and it drags me down. 

Here is the photo that made me begin to reevaluate how I feel about my house. 

This is our “round the block” less than 5 minutes walk from my house. We are lucky enough to walk this route most days. I looked at this photograph and felt genuinely grateful for where I live suddenly my house wasn’t somewhere I hated it was somewhere that enabled me to have this on my doorstep. I felt cross and angry that for so long I had focused on all the negatives about my house and sort of taken for granted the positives. The positives are what you really need to look at and find whatever way you can to do so. After seeing this photo I forced myself to walk round the house and find something good in every room … suddenly I noticed the girls drawings on the wall, my dog happily asleep on the rug, how cosy, safe and familiar everything felt. For the first time since living here it felt like home.

There is still so much work to do in really truly appreciating the present but the glimmers like tonight keep me going and my mindset is very slowly changing for the better.


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