Burlton Pumpkin Patch

In our house Halloween brings nearly as much excitement as Christmas does. The girls love it and start planning their outfits and Halloween activities as soon as the first leaf falls from the tree and that fresh Autumm chill hits the air. 

Some years we have a party and others we go trick and treating but the one tradition that stays the same every year is spending the October half term finding their perfect pumpkin and then bringing it home to carve.  The annual pumpkin picking is by far the highlight of the October half term.  It would be so easy to go and buy one from a shop but that just doesnt seem to muster the same excitement. So every half term we wrap up, put on our wellies and venture out to a farm or field in search of our pumpkins.

In previous years we have always had to travel quite a distance to find somewhere so this year we were very excited to hear that a Pumpkin patch had opened up just down the road and so on tuesday we set off to Burlton Pumpkin Patch (I will pop a link to their facebook page further down for directions). We went with some friends which added to the fun factor and turned it into a real social activity too. It was a fairly wet and dreary day but we were undettered … whats a bit of mud when you have pumpkins to find!?!

We arrived at Burlton Pumpkin Patch and despite it being a bit off the beaten track its still easy to get to and clearly signposted. You can’t see much of the pumpkin patch from the parking area but the walk down had a number of scary decorations which helped set the mood. When we arrived at the entrance we were greeted by a very helpful and friendly guy who went out of his way to make us feel welcome. There is no entry fee you just pay for your pumpkins and there is a very simple and clear pricing structure … the prices were beyond reasonable and due to the fact mummy wouldn’t need a bank loan to afford the pumpkins the girls were set free for the first time ever  with no upper size limit (I had forgotten all about the practicalities of carving giant pumpkins). 

The pumpkin patch is probably on the small side compared to some of the more popular and commercial places but there was still no shortage of pumpkins to choose from. In fact as a parent the more enclosed area probably isnt a bad thing as it’s much easier to keep track of excited children running in all directions.  What I found really lovely was that their was a little separate pumpkin patch that was off limits to the public because it was full of pumpkins that local school children had planted and grown for themselves. Any business owner who actively encourages and provides the space for children to get involved with growing their own deserves praise in my book! Especially when it is an area they could have been profiting from but instead have chosen to give something back to the local community. 

I won’t lie the patch was muddy … it could actually have been a scene in a carry on film watching the children (us adults mainly delegated) trying to push their wheelbarrows over the mud but it actually added to the fun and created many comic moments …. and lets be honest do you really come to a Pumpkin patch amd expect to stay clean!! All children should have the opportunity to get muddy once in a while and this definately gave them that chance and they definately embraced it and fully enjoyed themselves! 

If you are local to Shropshire I would certainly recommend a visit to Burlton Pumpkin Patch and I know they have plans to expand for next halloween as this year has been so successful. I am really not surprised they have done well this year the customer service is fantastic, for a small patch they have still managed to create a real spooky halloween theme and the prices are just amazing. This (not so) little haul cost me just £7. We will very definately be back next year. 

If you want to find out more click here to visit their facebook page 


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