And just like that half term is over.

As I sit here looking at the school uniform all ironed and hung neatly ready for the morning I can’t help but feel a little bit sad that half term is over. 

We have had a lovely half term and its been so special being able to have a week of no routine, no morning alarms and no school run madness. It may have been chaotic, the house looks ransacked and housework has been a definate challenge but that all fades into insignificance when I look back on the memories we have made and the time we have been able to spend together which we wouldn’t have had if the girls had been in school and nursery.

We have been fairy hunting, pumpkin picking, carved pumpkins, snuggled on the sofa watching movies, been to the park, watched the sunset,  laughed, paddled in rivers, been exploring, made the most of the beautiful countryside on our doorstep,  decorated the house for halloween, baked, had friends for sleepovers, visited family and friends. It really has been lovely.

I was quite worried entering into this half term because I didn’t have any spare money to treat the girls or afford lavish days out. In the lead up to half term I found myself seeing what others had planned and feeling guilty that I couldn’t do those things but I needn’t have done because we have had such an amazing week. Quality family time really costs nothing more than a little bit of imagination and making the most out of the little things available to you. Even if that’s just a spare five minutes for a snuggle on the sofa, reading your children a story or playing a game of hide and seek these little moments are precious and cannot be brought. 

So as this half term comes to an end I can’t help but smile as I look back over the memories we have made and feel so grateful that we have had opportunity to make these. Memories that have cost very little to make but will stay with us for a lifetime. 

There is a tiny part of me that is looking forward to being able to discover my house again and have a chance to catch up on all the mudane household tasks but mostly I feel sad that tomorrow the girls are back at school and once again spending time with them will be limited. The house is certainly going to feel very empty and quiet tomorrow. 


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