Hello November …

I really have no idea where 2017 is disappearing to. It is flying by so fast and hard to believe we are now in November and heading towards the end of the year. 

October was a really lovely month and I was quite sad to see it go. November brought with it the most hideous cold bug that wiped me out for a lot of the week, not even my fail safe of raw garlic and kick ass vitamin C tablets managed to turn it on its head so I spent the first few days of the month a snotty mess and looking like a leftover ghoul from Halloween. 

It hasn’t been all bad though I have recently started filling in a journal called “My Perfect Journal” which everyday you use to write down your little perfect moments throughout the day (I won’t go into too much detail on the journal as I feel it deserves a blog post just to itself). By filling in this journal at the end of every day I have been able to see all the lovely little things that have happened every day … even on days when this horrible lurgy has been at its worse.

Anyway we are now (fingers crossed) lurgy free and looking forward to what November has in store.


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