So 2018 Lets Do This…

So I know we are almost halfway through January, so as with most things in life I am slightly late to the party in writing about my goals and hopes for this year.  However I believe in the saying “better late than ever” so here goes.

For as long as I can remember January the 1st has involved a list of resolutions so long you would probably actually find it quicker to read War and Peace (twice). By the end of January most of these resolutions have been broken and I have been left feeling a complete failure and completely disheartened in my ability to change the aspects of life I am unhappy with.

Last Year utterly fed up and so down on life I couldn’t even bring myself to make a single new years resolution, looking back it possibly was the best thing I could have done.  Without realising it I had given myself the chance to start a year without putting any extra pressure on myself or unrealistic expectations. Basically for once I hadn’t set myself up to fail before the year had even begun.  I hadn’t started the year with a complete character assassination by writing a list full of all the flaws I wanted to change.

2017 was a difficult year with more than its fair share of low points particularly towards the start yet it was also the year I finally feel I have made real progress in breaking away from my old negative habits of thinking.  I found myself becoming stronger in my own self belief, my confidence grew, I learnt to see the positive more, I got better at saying no, I learnt a lot about myself.  It sounds a complete cliché but 2017 was the year I reached a real turning point and discovered the real me hidden beneath years of self loathing and negative patterns of behaviour.

I have entered 2018 feeling the most positive I can ever remember feeling.  I feel lighter and ready to really make this coming year an amazing one.  I have just one resolution this year and that is simply to be me, unashamedly, unapologetically, completely me. The best version of me I can be as after years of trying to be someone else I feel I owe myself the chance to finally live life to its fullest as myself.

So 2018 let’s do this ….. I am ready, excited and can’t wait to see what this year brings.



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